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AlereTM i Influenza A & B

Unique isothermal amplification technology
giving you molecular results, faster than
ever before.

NEW AlereTM i
Influenza A & B

Molecular results in less than 15 minutes

patient care

AlereTM i gives you the confidence to make effective
clinical decisions sooner.

A positive impact
on your facility

Reliable near-patient testing
reduces overall healthcare costs1.


• Enables prompt initiation of infection control measures

• Connected results direct to your computer

• Facilitating effective patient management

Immediate targeted
treatment decisions

Molecular sensitivity in an actionable timeframe means you can
withhold antibiotics and prescribe antivirals effectively.

Confidence at
the point of care

Intuitive and reliable, allowing you to respond
quickly and accurately in any setting.
1. Bonner, A.B. et al. Impact of the Rapid Diagnosis of Influenza on Physician
Decision-Making and Patient Management in the Pediatric Emergency
Department: Results of a Randomized, Prospective, Controlled Trial.
Pediatrics. 2003 Vol. 112 No. 2.