Alere™ i utilizes unique isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology.

The Alere™ i NEAR technology (Nicking Enzyme Amplification Reaction) uses enzymes to drive the amplification process and works at a single constant temperature.

Because it does not require lengthy and complex thermocycling or DNA purification, NEAR technology can deliver PCR-caliber results significantly faster and in a broad range of settings.

NEAR amplification is rapid and robust, generating an abundance of amplified product in a very short amount of time, enabling molecular detection in minutes.

Why molecular?

A conventional rapid sample may be positive but not have the tens of thousands of viruses or bacteria needed for detection, which can result in a false negative.

Even when starting with only a few hundred microbes, Alere™ i amplifies the sample up to 1 trillion times!

Revolutionary DNA amplification helps detect what conventional rapids miss and can compensate for suboptimal sample collection.